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Customer orientation, quality and service has, for several years, been some of the most fashionable words when leadership and business development has been discussed. 
To transform strategies with its goals into practical actions, so that the customers really feel these qualities in connection with the company, a thorough process is needed. This is what we call a change-in-style process. 
This small handbook is based on experiences from many such change-in-style programs and contains some advice and hints.

Gustaf Dehlin of the ForeSightGroup, which has been the mentor for the author, states this in his foreword of this book: 
”Tommy Jansson, who we learned to know when he participated in our training of internal entrepreneurs in 1987, is a living image for much of what´s included in the concept ”entrepreneur”. In the various organizations and companies he has been previously working for, Tommy has been the living proof of ”Mr. Change-in-Style”. In the struggle to change the entrepreneurial view in practice, this handbook about change-in-style is an excellent tool.”

The author is a technician and humanist with many years of experience in development and educational Projects.

In the last pages of the book You will find to interesting tests:

1. How good are your company on development and change?
2. How good are You at development and change?

Both tests – self assessment – can be the start of an improvement process

© Tommy Jansson

Change in style

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